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The following literature contains information on Apricot Kernels seeds. There is a video with an interview with G. Edward Griffinand and a video on Jason Vale, who was terminal with cancer, who turned to alternative healing taking Apricot seeds. Also how to take the seeds. 

Raw Apricot Seeds
For people with liver cancer build up slowly ,it would be beneficial to take milk thistle ),more on this at the end of the page.

Raw Apricot Seeds Laetrile is a compound that contains a chemical called Amygdalin is found in the pips of Apricot kernel seeds that have excellent anticancer properties. Our bodies are creating cancer cells all the time. Normally the immune system can deal with them. However, at times of stress or in a particularly weak part of the body, or under extreme or regular exposure to carcinogens, the multiplication of cancer cells may become too great for the immune system to handle.  B17 works alongside the immune system to rid the body of these cancerous cells. Cancer cells have within them an enzyme, which unlocks the cyanide contained in B17, which then directly attacks the cancer cells. Normal, healthy cells do not have this particular enzyme. Instead, they have a different enzyme Rhodinase, produced in the liver which renders the cyanide harmless. 

Vitamin B17 is contained in Apricot seeds and hundreds of foods, but many of these foods have disappeared from our Western diet. The Hopi, the Himalayan , the Eskimos do not suffer from cancer as they still eat a traditional diet rich in vitamin B17. 

How to Take Apricot Kernels seeds. Seven to Ten apricot seeds per day, containing the purest concentration of nature's Vitamin B-17, will help in your quest for a full, and healthy life. For those already diagnosed with cancer, a slightly higher amount can restore your health.

For people in good health Taking 6-10 apricot kernels per day for life is a good nutritional supplement to support health and help prevent cancer. Try to eat 1 apricot kernel for each 20 pounds of body weight. Example: 180 lb = 9 apricot seeds daily, you could spread the dose over 2 sittings, eg 5 in the morning, 5 in the afternoon)

Those using Kernels to aid the treatment of Cancer should aim for between 4-5 apricot kernels per waking hour, then  build up to a total of approximately 25-35 kernels per day.(No more than Five kernels at any one time in a 90 minute period is the recommended maximum. Generally a good idea to spread the consumption of your apricot kernels in smaller, manageable portions throughout the day, i,e 4 to 5 every 90 mins

A severe cancer crisis brought under control may be maintained in a quiescent state of around 7 to 10 a day. However some patients claim to feel "better" or "safer" with of 13-17 daily. Such dosage is determined by the patient's sense of well being, gain in strength, increased appetite, weight gain so on

Link to buy Apricot Kernels or try you local health store.   or

Health food stores carry either sun-dried or roasted apricot kernels. While these may have nutritive benefits, they do not have any type of cancer preventive properties. Instead, you need raw apricot seeds. Why Raw Apricot Seeds? Raw apricot seeds have a special construction that allows them to destroy cancerous cells-in the process of roasting the seeds or sun-drying the seeds, this special construction is, itself, destroyed. Roasted and sun-dried seeds do not have the component that is necessary to destroy the cancer cells.

A few people find that the kernels make them feel nauseous. If this is the case, try taking fewer kernels and gradually increase the dose as they are tolerated. You could just start off with 1 or 2 Apricots Kernels the first day.  Don’t take more than 6  at any one time/in one hour.  Apricot kernels should not be swallowed whole. They should be “chewed,” or ground and sprinkled on food or in fruit juice. Apricot Kernels can be sprinkled over cereal, salads or blended into a smoothie. 

The high level of B17 makes the kernels extremely bitter. Apple juice masks the bitterness and peach juice holds the ground kernels in suspension better. But most recommended is Pineapple Juice as there is some evidence to suggest that the natural enzymes found in pineapples may strip the coating on the cancer cells, so that the B17 in the kernels can work. 

It is worth mentioning here that clinics using B17 for the treatment of cancer nearly always prescribe this in conjunction with vitamin C. Interestingly Goji Berries which have a huge Vitamin C content (up to 500 times higher than an orange)! 

It is also recommended to have Chelated Zinc that have microcrystalline in it. Also its recommended to eat Pineapple in the morning which may help to strip the cancer cell, allowing the B17 to work more effectively

The Amazing Power of Apricot Kernels B17 has been proven to stop the spreading of cancer, improve general health, inhibit the growth of small tumours, provide relief from pain and prevent cancer.  The only reason you haven’t heard of it is because the medical and pharmaceutical industry can not make money from a cancer cure that’s based on food enzymes and vitamins.  

B17 will attack a cancer cell, if it is present in your body.  Many of the world's top scientists claim that Vitamin B17 will kill existing cancer in most cases. A normal cell in the body contains an enzyme called rhodanese, which  catalyzes the reaction and binds any free cyanide to sulfer. In this way, the cyanide will not poison normal cells. Once cyanide is bound to sulfur, it is converted to a cyanate which is a neutral substance and is passed out in the urine.  Vitamin B17 assists your body to cure cancer with protein digesting enzymes supplied by the pancreas. And the list goes on

With regards to any cancer treatment, every food that we eat or drink can be categorized into several different categories:

 1) Foods that feed and strengthen the cancer cells and/or the microbes in the cancer cells and body. Examples would be: refined sugar, refined flour, soda pop, dairy products, etc.

 2) Foods that cause cancer (e.g. trans fatty acids [margarine, french fries and virtually every other processed food you buy], aspartame [Diet Coke, NutraSweet, Equal, etc.], MSG, polyunsaturated oils [e.g. corn oil], etc.)

3) Foods that directly interfere with alternative treatments for cancer (e.g. chlorine, fluoride, alcohol, coffee, etc.)

4) Foods that occupy and distract the immunity system from focusing on killing the cancer cells (e.g. beef, turkey, etc.)

5) Foods that contain nutrients that kill the cancer cells, stop the spread of cancer, or in some other way help treat the cancer (e.g. purple grapes with seeds and skin, red raspberries with seeds, strawberries with seeds, broccoli, cauliflower, several herbs, carrots, pineapples, flaxseeds, almonds, etc.) Basically a common sense approach to eating.


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                                                MORE INFO

Jason Vale, had terminal cancer,turned to alternative healing when he came down with cancer for the third time -- and successfully cured eating apricot seeds. Read here

          Jason Vale's Speech on Apricot Seeds


 Some people have taken Apricots seeds and colloidal silver together.

 Milk Thistle finds its place as the leader in herbs to treat liver disease. Physicians have prescribed Milk Thistle for Hepatitis to keep down inflammation, Cirrhosis to soften the liver, Liver Cancer to aid in detoxification, and many dysfunctions of the Gall Bladder System. It also helps protect the liver for those individuals that are taking prescription medications known to elevate liver enzymes.

All information provided on this page are provided as general information only. Always consult your own doctor if you are in any way concerned about taking apricot seeds. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice.

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